Supplement to Biodiversity

Long descriptions for some figures in Biodiversity

Figure (a) description

There are 5 dots of which three clustered in the centre are solid dots and two, one to the right and one to the left of the cluster, are hollow dots. An oval surrounds the cluster three solid dots. From a point on the lower middle a straight red line connects to the right hollow dot. A second red line is orthogonal from the first red line to the hollow dot on the left. A blue line is parallel to the first red line until it is orthogonal to the leftmost solid dot at which point it veers and goes to that dot. On this second blue line a third blue line goes orthogonally to the rightmost solid dot. On this third blue line a fourth blue line goes orthogonally to the middle solid dot.

Figure (b) description

In the lower left is a straight arrow-tipped line going up and another straight arrow-tipped line going to the right. Within the quadrant formed are 6 dots with three solid dots clustered in the centre and surrounded with an oval and with three hollow dots outside the oval.

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