Notes to Formal Approaches to Social Procedures

1. “Social software” is also used as a name for Internet communication applications like MSN Messenger, Twitter, and Skype. This is not what this entry is about. And what is sometimes called “social software engineering” is again something different: it is a name for the subdiscipline of software engineering that studies its aspect of social interaction.

2. Başkent (2017) convincingly argues that it is useful to look beyond classical logic only when analyzing social procedures. He shows that for some examples's from Parikh's work on social software, a para-consistent logic provides a useful perspective (see also entry on paraconsistent logic).

3. Parikh (2002) notes:

Another property which holds is that if \(F(m, k + 1)\) is true then it can be true that after the action \(c\), of cutting a slice from the cake, the remaining main part is big enough for \(k\) people and the slice itself is big enough for one. Note the contrast, that the action \(r\) preserves \(F(m, k)\) regardless of how \(r\) is performed whereas the action \(c\), of cutting the cake, may yield the desired outcome but need not.

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