Notes to Moral Vegetarianism

1. Dombrowski 2004 is a short history of vegetarianism and moral vegetarianism. Beauchamp & Frey 2011 and Barnhill, Budolfson, & Doggett 2018 contain some historical surveys. Kemmerer 2011 is a panoptic survey of ancient traditions; Sorabji 1993, Adamson 2012 (Other Internet Resources), Adamson & Ganeri 2016 (Other Internet Resources), and the SEP entry on ethics in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism (§5) are more focused surveys.

2. The description of industrial farming owes much to HSUS 2009, that paper’s extensive bibliography, and Norwood & Lusk 2011.

3. Farming and hunting animals raise a number of ethical questions and the contemporary literature on them spans articles, blogposts, chapters, etc. Some comprehensive and up-to-date surveys are Engel 2015, Fischer 2018, McPherson 2018, and numerous articles in Beauchamp & Frey (eds) 2011 and Rawlinson & Ward (eds) 2016. Chignell, et al. (eds) 2015 and Višak & Garner (eds) 2015 contain new and less neutral work.

4. Hunting is given short-shrift in this entry. For more detailed discussion, see Scruton 2006b, Cerulli 2012, and List 2018.

5. Bradley 2015 is a reference-rich piece on this issue, arguing that the objection is not sound and the first premise above is true at least when the animals in question are cattle.

6. Delon 2016 is a reference-rich introduction to “replaceability” arguments like this.

7. Two comprehensive introductions to environmental issues are Jamieson 2008 and Sandler 2017. One focused on issues around farming is Schlottmann & Sebo forthcoming.

8. For some reference-rich introductions to seafood ethics, see Harris 2016 and Michaelson & Reisner 2018. For less scholarly introductions, see Braithwaite 2010 and Wallace 2004. For some discussion of insect ethics, see Meyers 2013, Fischer 2016, and Carruthers 2007.

9. This entry has ignored harms to workers on animal product and plants farms. Arguments about such harms are, if anything, even stronger with regard to dairy production (Mares forthcoming; Keller, Gray, & Harrison 2016) and plant production (CIW 2010, Other Internet Resources; Holmes 2013) than meat production.

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